Antiryad Gx Subversion activity

Antiryad Gx v4.3

Antiryad Gx v4.3 was released in September 2017.


  • Add absolute encryption system. [Done]
  • Add real time encryption in Gel runtime. [Done]
  • Add 8 and 16 bits crc system. [Done]
  • Add multiple secondary Gel classes in actors. [Done]
  • Optimize software renderer. [Done]
  • Add soft float version on AmigaOS 68k. [Done]
  • Support RTG fullscreen modes on AmigaOS/AROS platforms. [Done]
  • Enhance Gel to other languages converter. [Done]
  • Enhance video codec quality. [Done]
  • Reimplement fast span buffer and no depht buffer modes. [Done]
  • Add camera target animation support in Blender 2.6 exporter. [Done]
  • Enhance grapheditor. [Done]
  • Add chunk viewer. [Done]
  • Enhance plugin system. [Done]

Antiryad Gx v4.4

Antiryad Gx v4.4 was released in Mars 2018.


  • Enhance native plugin system. [Done]
  • Add hardware lights management in render system. [Done]
  • Add new library class. [Done]
  • Support native plugin for AmigaOS 68k. [Done]
  • Enhance file selector. [Done]
  • Enhance Gel language. [Done]
  • Reimplement lowdriver class. [Done]
  • Optimization of gx_dsp::fill() and gx_dsp::move(). [Done]
  • Enhance encryption system. [Done]

Antiryad Gx v4.5

Antiryad Gx v4.5 was released in September 2018.


  • Enhance file recovery system. [Done]
  • Enhance plugin system. [Done]
  • Bug fixes and optimisations. [Done]
  • Maintenance of 4.x branch. [Done]

Antiryad Gx v4.6

Antiryad Gx v4.6 was released in Mars 2019.


  • Enhanced string API. [Done]
  • Bug fixes and optimisations. [Done]
  • Maintenance of 4.x branch. [Done]

Antiryad Gx v4.7

Antiryad Gx v4.7 was released in september 2019.


  • Bug fixes and optimisations. [Done]
  • Maintenance of 4.x branch. [Done]

Antiryad Gx v4.8

Antiryad Gx v4.8 was released in mars 2020.


  • Enhance license system. [Done]
  • Enhance executable compiler. [Done]
  • Enhance string API. [Done]
  • Enhance driver and dsp objects. [Done]
  • Bug fixes and optimisations. [Done]
  • Maintenance of 4.x branch. [Done]

Antiryad Gx v4.9

Antiryad Gx v4.9 was released in september 2020.


  • Bug fixes and optimisations. [Done]
  • Maintenance of 4.x branch. [Done]
  • Enhanced diffuse texture bake tool. [Done]
  • Added Kernel object for Antiryad Gx v5.x compatibility. [Done]
  • Added support of grayscale jpeg files (v4.9.01). [Done]

Antiryad Gx v5.0

Antiryad Gx v5.0 is currently in development (beta version) and will be released in march 2022.


  • Refactor driver to kernel. [Done]
  • Compile Antiryad Gx as a dynamic library. [In development]
  • Add new r3d hardware render API. [In development]
  • Add support of OpenBSD x86 and x64 platform. [Done]
  • Add sequencer system. [Done]
  • Implement paletted graphic modes emulations. [Done]
  • Add 3dfx Glide driver and emulator. [Done]
  • Add Matrox Mystique MSI driver and emulator. [Done]
  • Add Warp3D driver and emulator. [Done]
  • Add OpenGL2 driver. [Done]
  • Add OpenGLES3 driver. [Done]
  • Add new high quality DCTX bitmap compression. [Done]
  • Enhance and optimize data compression. [Done]
  • Enhance audio compression. [Done]
  • Enhance video codecs. [Done]
  • Enhance and optimize performance and memory of Gel language. [Done]
  • Transform high level Gel virtual machine to RISC like architecture. [Done]
  • Add exporter for Blender 2.8. [Done]
  • Support s3t1 cutout compressor. [Done]
  • Restore support of S3T3 texture compression. [Done]
  • Support two palette modes in S3T5 compression. [Done]
  • Add FXT1, RGTC1 and RGTC2 texture compression. [Done]
  • Enhance lightmap ambient occlusion. [Done]
  • Add new fast simplified lightmap ambient occlusion. [Done]
  • Restore and enhance x86 assembler optimisations, using MMX instructions. [Done]
  • Add x64 assembler optimisations, using MMX, SSE2 and AVX instructions. [Done]
  • Add 68k assembler optimisations. [Done]
  • Enhance file recovery system. [Done]
  • Add support of voc sound file format. [Done]
  • Add support of Amstrad CPC tape format. [Done]
  • Add support of custom tape system. [Done]
  • Add support of uncompressed Tiff file format. [Done]
  • Add new chunk systems near old GXC4 format: GX32, GX64, IFF (default), IFF64 (Lightwave's FOR8, 8ROF), RIFF. [Done]
  • Add new text (GXML) serialization system. [Done]
  • Use by default standard IFF format. [Done]
  • Add BMP file writer. [Done]
  • Remove old Megalib plugin system. [Done]
  • Upgrade png plugin. [Done]
  • Upgrade zlib plugin. [Done]
  • Upgrade jpeg plugin. [Done]
  • Upgrade smjpeg plugin. [Done]
  • Upgrade lzma plugin. [Done]
  • Upgrade tokamak plugin. [Done]
  • Add exr plugin. [Done]
  • Add pdf and exr (stb) plugin. [Done]
  • Add mp3 plugin. [Done]
  • Add lz4 plugin. [Done]
  • Add zstd plugin. [Done]
  • Add tiff plugin. [Done]
  • Add webp plugin. [Done]
  • Add assimp plugin. [Done]
  • Add Spheremap and Cubemap generator system. [Done]

Antiryad Gx v5.1

Antiryad Gx v5.1 is currently in development (alpha -research- version) and will be released in spetember 2022.


  • Rename sys to system. [Pending]
  • Add way to use external renderers. [In development]
  • Add a Vulkan driver. [In development]
  • Add a Switch driver. [In development]
  • Add support of FreeBSD x86 and x64 platform. [Pending]
  • Add support of Linux arm64 platform. [Pending]
  • Add support of Atari Falcon platform. [Pending]
  • Develop ASTC texture compressor. [Pending]
  • Add Bloom and SSAO postprocess in software and OpenGL renderers. [Pending]
  • Merge Antiryad Gx and Executable Compiler make systems. [Pending]
  • Add ppc assembler optimisation. [Pending]
  • Add arm assembler optimisation. [Pending]
  • Add Lua programming language as a plugin. [Pending]
  • Add Java programming language as a plugin. [In development]
  • Add C# programming language as a plugin. [Pending]
  • Add support of tvOS platform. [Pending]
  • Rewrite and add MTracker editor (Sound Tracker). [Pending]
  • Add Zip file support as a plugin. [Pending]
  • Add support of JSDosBox platform. [Pending]
  • Support animations and bones of ms3d file format. [Pending]
  • Support animations and bones of b3d file format. [Pending]
  • Add dshow plugin. [Pending]
  • Add compute shader acceleration. [Pending]
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